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Control Panels

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Quality Controls

Upon completion of construction, panels and machines are moved into our Checkout area, where a complete point-to-point test is completed. The checkout area houses twenty different fused disconnect switches (240V and 480Vac), as well as transformers to accommodate any projects that require foreign voltages.


To help meet the requirements of customers, BW has set up the Checkout area to ensure Category 0 where possible.

Electrical Control Panels

BW has been a UL 508A (Industrial Control Panels) and 698A (Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous (Classified) Locations) panel shop since it first opened in 1997. Whether provided with a detailed assembly drawing or simply a set of drawings, BW's knowledgeable staff is able to construct a panel that meets the requirements of the code.

Proprietary Bay Availability

For projects with higher confidentiality, there is an isolated bay (3300 Sq. Ft.) that can be used, as well as divided as required for simultaneous projects. With both a dedicated grade and dock level loading area, machines and parts are able to be received and shipped without ever leaving the proprietary bay.


As with the Checkout area, there are disconnects throughout the bay so that the panels can be powered up prior to shipment.

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