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About Us


The founders of BW Systems, Inc. have a combined 60+ years of experience in the electrical industry. This experience in sales, management, system design and programming has lead to the development of a company with a strong dedication to our employees, our customers and our products.


In carrying out our day-to-day business we strive to follow the philosophy that our customers are our partners and our mission is to be the fair and ethical company of choice in our industry.



BW Systems was formed to provide customers with an outlet for their control panel needs by Co-Founders Gary Brandel and Denny Weiler. Our services included control panel layout, assembly, wiring, and checkout. Our facility was established next to the St. Paul airport. Originally it was 13,000 square feet including an 1,800 square foot designated checkout area.


The business was expanded by establishing an engineering partnership. The increased service offering included Control Systems Engineering, hardware design, software design, and machine start-up and commissioning.


The facility was expanded to 18,000 square feet to accommodate the engineering growth. Office space was added for additional engineering personnel and warehouse space was obtained to stage the increased panel business due to the engineering expansion.


The facility size was increased once again to a total of 25,000 square feet. With this increase, more office and conference room space was obtained and the main reception area moved and expanded. More importantly, we acquired a 10,000 square foot area that was able to be used to stage, wire, assemble, power, and check out machine sections. This provides our customers with a secure and private area in which to house their intellectual property.


BW Systems celebrates 10 years of excellence!


Co-Founder Denny Weiler Retires.


Having outgrown the facility, the company relocated to a new facility in South St. Paul. This leased space of 33,000 square feet was designed to improve workflow and allow continued future growth. Having expanded to 13 engineers and 2 drafters, the engineering group benefited from being more centralized. The shop of 25-30 wiremen is far more efficient in the new space. The check-out/test area was expanded to accommodate 200 Amp 480/240 projects with 12 testing areas. The addition of a separate enclosed bay with electrical access was also created for proprietary projects.

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